February 2023

  • 07/02 – The work of Michaela and Bara devoted to a solid-phase synthesis of unique pyridines or pyrazines from polymer-supported acids was just accepted in JOC! Amazing!

January 2023

  • 26/01 – Katerina, Michaela and Berenika presented their theses work on an undegraduate seminar at our Department: thanks for an update on your results!
  • 16/01New year, new place! After almost 10 years there has come the time to say goodbye and we decided to move our lab from IMTM (Faculty of Medicine) to the Department of Chemistry (Faculty of Science).  But no time to be gloomy, we are thrilled and excited for all new opportunities that are waiting there for us! Can’t wait to unpack those boxes and get our hands wet in the lab again! 🙂

December 2022

  • 12/12 – Lukáš and Nina presented their theses work on an undegraduate seminar at our Department: thanks for an update on your results!

November 2022

  • 10/11 – Barča presented her research about new synthetic routes towards pyridines and pyrazines at  56th Advances in organic, bioorganic and pharmaceutical chemistry conference („Liblice 2022“).

September 2022

  • 22/09Our intensive PROTAC research done by Sona and Eva (Krystof group) has been published in EurJMedChem. Great results of this marvelous collaboration, thanks a lot!
  • 04/09 – Petra and Katerina participated in Czech and Slovak Chemical Society meeting in Olomouc. Thanks for a lecture and a poster!
  • 01/09 – A new member of our research group has started her research on the synthesis of triazoloquinoxalines: welcome Berenika and good luck with your thesis!

August 2022

  • 28/08 – Mirek has given invited lecture at the Barrande-Vltava meeting in Dijon. A perfect chance to disseminate the results of our group!

July 2022

  • 01/07 – David’s time in our group has sadly come to an end as he starts his new job in Alven Pharmaceuticals. Thank  you for your hard work and we wish you the best of luck, you will be missed! 

June 2022

  • 30/06 –The new synthesis of quinolines developed by Petra and Katerina was just accepted in EJOC. Congratulations!

April 2022

  • 13/04 – Solid-phase synthesis of pentasubstitued pyrroles from immobilized aspartate was just accepted in OBC. Congrats Bara!
  • 11/04 – New bachelor student Matyáš Jirka has joined our research group. His work will be devoted to the synthesis and study of heterocyclic ligands of adrogen receptor. Good luck!

March 2022

  • 14/03 Diversity-oriented synthesis of various heterocycles starting from polymer-supported vinylalanine developed by Petra was accepted in JOC. Well done!

September 2021

  • 30/09 – Happy to announce success of our David who won Special Prize for Chemistry from Czech Chemical Society in the Jean-Marie Lehn Prize for Chemistry competition! Congratulation, we are proud of you!

July 2021

  • 09/07 – Congratulation to Sona for her next first-author paper dealing with gallium-labeled deferoxamine conjugate in colaboration with Dr. Petrik lab (IMTM).
  • 01/07 – Very good representation of the Soural group at Students Dean’s Award again! Our bachelor student Michaela won 2nd place in the bachelor chemistry section. We are very proud on you. 🙂


June 2021

  • 24/06 – Good things come to those who work hard and never give up! Our colleague Sona has become 2021 fellow of Experientia Foundation and she will continue her postdoctoral training at University of Cambridge in the group of Prof. David Spring, starting July 2021! All the best and good luck!
  • 1/06 Congratulations to Petra for her new publication in the Journal of Organic Chemistry dealing with diversity-oriented synthesis of triazolo-diazepine derivatives!

May 2021

  • 17–21/05 – Sona attended XX. Interdisciplinary Meeting of Young Life Scientist which usually takes place at Milovy (Czech Republic) but this year has been held online due to the covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, it was an interesting event, where she presented her recent work about SYK and BTK protein kinase inhibitors and she has been placed in “TOP 5 presentations in organic chemistry & catalysis”. Congrats!
  • 05–06/05 – Amazing week in the Soural group! Congratulation to David, who defended his Ph.D. thesis and became our new doctor! And also congrats Patricia to her RNDr. (Czech equivalent of doctor of science) defense. 🙂 Hopefully we will celebrate the success when covid will be over!

March 2021

  • 11/03 Sona has been placed 9th (from more than 200 candidates) with her dissertation thesis High-throughput conjugation of drug-like molecules for chemical biology in prestigious Werner Von Siemens Prize this year! Congratulation to your success 🙂


  • 02/03 –  Collaboration within our Department bears fruit again! First-authorship paper for Sona dealing with novel method for preparation of N-substituted 3-hydroxyquinolinones in collaboration with Jan Hlavac group is now online in RSC Advances. Congratulations!

January 2021

  • 13/01 What is the best way to start a new year? Accepted publication in prestigious Journal of Medicinal Chemistry! Our long-time collaboration with Jagiellonian University in Kraków about imidazopyridine-based 5-HT6 receptor derivatives yielded this perfect piece of work. Congratulation to David for his another first-authored paper. 🙂

December 2020

  • 23/12 Huge success for Soural group again! The work of Patricia and Bara about copper-free polymer-supported synthesis of triazoles was accepted in Adv. Synth. Catal.! It seems like this year won’t be so bad after all. 🙂
  • 16/12  Hello there after a while! We have some good news to share within the scientific world. It looks like Christmas are coming to Olomouc earlier this year: a very comprehensive and quality study about BTK inhibitors was accepted in Eur. J. Med. Chem. Congratulation to Sona and David! We enjoyed another successful collaboration with our favourite colleagues from LGR very much. 🙂

September 2020

  • 30/09 Another interesting work dealing with chiral oxazepanes is online in RSC Advances. Congratulation to all authors!
  • 19/09 Our collaboration with Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland) bears another sweet fruit! The new work about PDE 4 and 7 inhibitory activity is now online in Eur. J. Med. Chem. Congratulations to David, Veronika and Bara!

August 2020

  • 01/08 Our new work dealing with SYK inhibitors is now online! Good job from our collaborators in Laboratory of Growth Regulators and congratulation to Sona for her another (shared) first authorship publication!

July 2020

  • 08/07 Another Dean’s Award competition, another Soural group success! David and Petra have presented their work and won 1st and 2nd place, respectively, in chemistry Ph.D. section. Congratulation to both of you!

March 2020

  • 18/03  Petra has been nominated as a representative of Palacky University in Jean-Marie Lehn Prize for Chemistry. Fingers crossed!
  • 11/03 – Since today our undergraduate students are not allowed to work in the lab due to the COVID-19 restrictions. 😦 But health comes first! We hope that the situation will get better soon. Stay home, study literature. 🙂

January 2020

  • 20/01 – 22/01 – The best time of the year is here again! We had spent 3 amazing days at traditional team-building event of our Department in Ski Areal Karlov pod Pradedem. Amazing weather and great people, as always. 🙂


December 2019

  • 16/12 – Another successful collaboration in our group! Petra published her first-authored paper, this time in The Journal of Organic Chemistry, about not-so-usual rearrangement of two important amino acids, together with our favourite NMR specialist Michal Malon. Congrats to all co-authors!
  • 09/12 – Our colleague Patricia finally returned back from her internship in Canada. Welcome back, we truly missed you! 🙂
  • 04/12 – Sona had her PhD graduation ceremony! Congratulations once again to your success!IMG_3234

November 2019

  • 29/11 – Mirek has traveled to Canada, to visit one of our collaborators – prof. Tomas Hudlicky – and had there an invited talk about “Shooting with drug-like molecules using solid-phase synthesis”. 
  • 25/11 – Sona had presentation about her work at University of Cambridge, UK in the group of prof. David Spring. Magical city with excellent chemistry department, it was simply an honor to be there.
  • 06 – 08/11 – Sona and Mirek attended 54th Advances in Organic, Bioorganic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry “Liblice 2019”, this time in beautiful surroundings of Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic. Sona presented part of her research activities achieved during Ph.D. study and Mirek was honored to be a chairman of one of the scientific sections. It was a great event in every aspect!

October 2019

  • 04/10 – Patricia is sending greetings from her current scientific heaven at Brock University, Ontario (where she is together with her husband and our colleague Michal) !


  • 01/10 – Two new undergraduate students – Katka and Misa – joined our group. They will work on synthesis and biological evaluation of new potent chronotherapeutics. Welcome!

September 2019

  • 12/09 – Very happy news! Our dear colleague Sona has successfully defended her thesis and can call herself a doctor from now on (actually, not a real doctor, just a PhD 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). Congratulations to your success!

August 2019

  • 29/08 – Our colleague Patricia just left for her 3-months internship in Ontario, Canada. She will join a group of prof. Hudlicky at St. Catharines, where she will  synthetizing analogs of narciclasin. Enjoy your stay and return back safely!

July 2019

  • 31/07  After long and tedious process, the complex review about imidazopyridine-based selective and multifunctional ligands is finally published in Eur. J. Med. Chem.! The paper arose as a result of our collaboration with Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland and congratulations mainly go to David, as the first author, who spent quite a lot of time with creating this masterpiece!

June 2019

  • 20/06  Sona presented her work at XVIII International Conference on Heterocycles in Bioorganic Chemistry “Bioheterocycles” in beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium and she won the first place for the “Best Oral Communication”! Soural group is decently represented abroad, I must say!


May 2019

  • 23/05  Sona presented her work at XIX. Interdisciplinary meeting of young life scientists at Milovy, Czech Republic. She ended in “TOP 5 presentations in chemical sciences”. Congrats!
  • 03/05  Great success for Soural group again! Sona competed in Dean’s award and she won the PhD section as well as the whole chemistry section. Congratulations!

April 2019

  • 30/04  David arrived back from his internship, we are so happy to have you here again!

March 2019

  • 28/03  Sona has been nominated as a representative of Palacky University in Jean-Marie Lehn Prize for Chemistry. Fingers crossed!

February 2019

January 2019

  • 28/01 – 30/01 We had spent 3 amazing days at traditional team-building event of our Department at Ski Areal Karlov pod Pradedem!

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  • 14/01 – Petra has published new first-autorship paper dealing with synthesis of single and fused diketomorpholines in ACS Comb. Sci. Good job!

December 2018

  • 17/12 Tremendous ending of this marvelous year! Another first-authorship publication of Sona, dealing with PROTAC conjugates, has been published in Chemical Communication! Congratulations to all authors, great job!
  • 14/12 – Petra returned from her internship in Kraków. Welcome back!
  • 10/12 – Our group organized annual pre-Christmas meeting at our department. Lots of snacks, hot wine and music, but mainly great memories.
  • 04/12 New bachelor student Iva joined our group. Feel welcome!

November 2018

October 2018

  • 31/10 – Spotted. MS group has been photoshooted! Many thanks to our kind and skilled colleague Honza Pokorny for beautiful photos!


  • 04/10 – Veronika Zdrazilova joined our group for her bachelor thesis. Welcome!

September 2018

  • 17/09 – Petra left us for a while and started her 3 months internship in Kraków, Poland in group of assoc. prof. Zajdel. Enjoy your stay as much as you can!
  • 13/09 – Daniel joined us for his Master thesis. Welcome!
  • 09 – 12/09 – Petra attended a local conference 70th Congress of the Czech and Slovak Chemical Societies in Zlin, with short oral communication about her PhD results.

August 2018

July 2018

  • 23/07  – Patricia started her PhD. May the Force be with you!
  • 03/07 – Congrats to Petra for her recent first-author publication in ACS Combinatorial Science.

June 2018

  • 01/06 – Patricia successfully defended her Master thesis and graduated with honours. Congratulations!

May 2018

  • 03/05 – Soural group totally rocks! Patricia and Sona attended prestigious Dean’s Award at our Faculty and they represented us very well! Patricia won 2nd place in the Master section (Chemistry), whereas Sona conquered the whole competition – 1st place in Ph.D section, 1st place in Chemistry section and overall winner of all sections. Congrats to both of you!31934750_10213657434303140_5333201272449269760_o

April 2018

  • 23/04 – Sona finally returned from her internship in Germany. Welcome back!
  • 20/04 – Another pleasant collaboration with our Japanese colleagues, Dr. Michal Malon and Dr. Hiroyuki Koshino, led to new paper about new compounds derived from alfa-acylamino ketones in Molecules. This work belongs to the Special Issue Solid Phase Synthesis.
  • 12/04 – Collaboration with Hlavac group from our department yielded in J. Med.Chem publication. Congratulations to all co-authors!

February 2018

  • 07/02 – Successful collaboration with Urban group from our department brought another juicy fruit! The fluorescently labeled triterpenes got published in Chem. Eur. J. Thanks to all authors for great work!
  • 06/02 – Patricia published part of her Master thesis in Synlett. Congratulations!

January 2018

  • 31/01 – Veronika and our Japanese NMR expert Dr. Michal Malon published another joint paper about triethylsilane enantioselective reduction in Eur. J. Org. Chem.
  • 12/01 – Jozef Pecha joined our group for his bachelor thesis. He will work under David’s laboratory supervision. Welcome!
  • 08/01 – Sona left us for a while and started her 5 months internship in Goettingen, Germany in group of prof. Alcarazo. She will be dealing with hypervalent sulphur compounds. Enjoy your stay as much as you can!

December 2017

  • 22/12 – A short review about applications of triethylsilane in organic synthesis is published in Eur. J. Org. Chem. Congratulations belong to Veronika!
  • 16/12 – Congrats to David for his recent first-autor publication in Eur. J. Med. Chem. Thanks to all authors for collaboration!
  • 10/12 – Our group organized small Christmas party at our department. It was amazing although some memories from the evening are missing…

November 2017

  • 24/11 – Congrats to Sona for her recent first-author publication about CDK inhibitor conjugates with folic acid in J. Org. Chem. Thanks to all authors for collaboration!
  • 03 – 05/11 – Sona attended 52nd Advances in Organic, Bioorganic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry “Liblice 2017” with short oral presentation.
  • 02/11 – Martina Drabikova published her first author publication about selectivity of Mitsunobu alkylation in Tetrahedron, as a part of her Master thesis. Martina was under supervision of Sona, so it’s huge success for both of them!

October 2017

  • 19/10 – Congratulation to Petra for her recent publication in ACS Combinatorial Science. We are also thankful to Dr. Michal Malon for his kind help with NMR analysis.
  • 10/10 – Hard work pays off. Sona received prestigious DAAD funding for her upcoming internship in Germany. Congratulations!

August 2017

  • 30/08 – We attended 17th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry in Linz, Austria. It was one of the best conference so far! Many interesting topics and great memories (“Eldorádo!”) from this beautiful city.

April 2017

  • 29/4 – First photo of our group!